Aug 282012

The Timber Yard development goes to VCAT  in less than two weeks.
The developer and Council have submitted their expert witness reports prepared for the hearing.

The resident objectors team are reviewing the reports and finalising their submission which will be given to VCAT during the hearing.


Developer’s Documents

Urban Design Evidence

Visual Amenity Statement and Visual Amenity Photomontages

Statement of Town Planning Evidence

Traffic Report and On-site parking plans

Heritage Issues

Landscape Report  and Landscape Plans


Council’s Documents

Urban Design Evidence

Heritage Evidence

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  2 Responses to “VCAT Expert Witness Reports”

  1. I wasn’t happy with the plan for Mason Mews in the shopping precint of Mason Street Newport. And then
    when it was built I could’t believe how ugly and square was the design. Developers are only interseted in maximising the dollar of there investment, so don’t expect too many niceties to be included in there designs.
    The Timber Yard development probably won’t be rejected by VCAT because the developers have done their homework and have invested lots of money getting experts to verify the product. Compared to other approvals by VCAT like the 18 story Lego Land building in St. Kilda, we have probably fared a little better. I don’t like Developers coming into Newport – Williamstown and riding roughshot over us residents, because at the end of the day, it is us who have to live with these developers plans. John

  2. Unfortunately we are dealing with a legal determination – VCAT is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the legal rights of the developer. We will be bombarded with legal interpretations which VCAT will approve – not caring one bit about the destruction of the neighbourhood. My guess is that VCAT have not even inspected the site and the surrounding residential houses. We should all join in now, demolish our houses and replace them with high rise appartments! The views from the upper levels of the bay and city would be stunning and you probably won’t even hear the traffic noise.

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