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This website is for Newport residents concerned with protecting the amenity of their town. It’s a mechanism for information exchange between like minded Newport residents. It is not a public forum to discuss the merits of its stated objectives, but a place where people who agree with its objectives and current issues can communicate and collaborate.

AMENITY (definition)

1. The quality of being pleasant or attractive; agreeableness.
2. Something that contributes to physical or material comfort.
3. A feature that increases attractiveness or value, especially of a piece of real estate or a geographic location.
4. “amenities” Social courtesies.

What are we trying to protect?

Local Residents and Public Amenity

Newport is a great place, and most people having grown up in Newport or more recently moved into Newport appreciate the various positive attributes of the area. Its sense of history, community, pleasant quiet streets and parks, good infrastructure and local facilities.

As modern pressures continue to build, these positive attributes are under threat. A concerted effort needs to be made (by residents, governing bodies) to not only maintain our present level of amenity, but taking positive action at these pivotal times to improve Newport for our families future.

Heritage Overlay Values

Newport heritage value is constantly under threat by new and conflicting developments. These degrade the overall heritage value of Newport, and impact individual properties and streets. There needs to be a cultural shift away from assuming that once the heritage value of a street is compromised by one out-of-character building, more out-of-character buildings and inappropriate developments are now ok. A shift to restoring and building style-complementing buildings needs to be implemented.

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  1. Are there any placards left over from the rally last Sunday ? (the bigger the better) I live on the corner of Paine Street and Melbourne Road and would happily display a placard on the main road. Perhaps residents of Williamstown may not be aware that this development would affect them. There is only one road through!

  2. Hi,
    I live in the area, are concerned about this development and only new to awareness of this cause. Is there any petition or other I can help sign up to?
    Thx Ben.

    • Welcome to Newport and Williamstown.

      Right now the first thing you can do is come to Sunday’s rally at Armstrong Reserve. See the post about it.

      After that, now you are on our subscription list we will keep you up to date on further action you can take. And more is to come!

      Best Regards,

  3. Trying to work out what the best course of action for us is in relation to the letter received from the solicitors representing the developer.

    Do we fully understand what grounds the solicitor is objecting on?
    What is the council doing?
    Do we individually lodge objections to the development to VCAT?


  4. I have received a notice from VCAT in regards to the appeal, what would you like me to do?

  5. I will look forward to hearing more as the campaign gears up.

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