Key Issues

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Timber Yard Development

Do you know of the proposal to build…




At the site of the old timber yard, 6 Paine Street Newport.
The proposal is by an out-of-town developer.

Local Homes vs. Development Buildings

You may wish to review the plans and lodge an objection by contacting the council. Or visit the council’s Greenlight system at and search for application PA1020902.

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Council’s proposal to charge residents to plant up their nature strips.

Hobsons Bay City Council is inviting residents to have their say on the draft Hobsons Bay Nature Strip Planting Policy, which provides direction for the community about the appropriate treatment of residential nature strips.

The draft Hobsons Bay Nature Strip Planting Policy clearly states that residents must first obtain a permit from the Council before making any changes to the nature strip out the front of their home.

A permit costs $100. An additional $500 asset protection bond will also be charged but returned to the resident upon the Council’s inspection of the completed works.

Image from HBCC website.

The future of Newport nature strips?

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  4 Responses to “Key Issues”

  1. This is overdevelopment. The adjacent park is one of the few local neighbourhood parks and a lot of young children are used to playing on the playground equipment and on the court. Introducing such a large number of residences with vehicles going in and out in the afternoon just at the time when local children are using the park is VERY dangerous. Williamstown Newport are very low on open space for residents. The Strand and Esplanade are regional facilities but local parks are few and far between. TO put a busy large development alongside this park is a really bad idea.

    The timberyard arranged land for a park many years back and any development should make a good contribution to amenities for local residents and not overwealm or compromise them. I would like to see a developer contribution to include a toilet facility at this park at the time of plumbing the new development a toilet facility could be installed.

  2. This ‘development’ is completely out of scope for this area. It destroys the value of the nearby parkland and the extra traffic and noise will have a massive negative impact on the area. I encourage anyone with a view to fairness and interest in quality of lifestyle to block this mockery of the rules.

  3. I have lodged an objection to this awful proposal. I am willing to aid support to stop this.

  4. I have lodged my objection. If you need support in a rally then let me know.

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