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Image from HBCC website.

The future of Newport nature strips?

Hobsons Bay City Council is inviting residents to have their say on the draft Hobsons Bay Nature Strip Planting Policy, which provides direction for the community about the appropriate treatment of residential nature strips.

The draft Hobsons Bay Nature Strip Planting Policy clearly states that residents must first obtain a permit from the Council before making any changes to the nature strip out the front of their home.

A permit costs $100. An additional $500 asset protection bond will also be charged but returned to the resident upon the Council’s inspection of the completed works.

Penalties will apply if a permit is not acquired prior to works.

The permit will allow residents to plant a maximum of three species of plants no higher than 30cm in organic mulch within the nature strip in front of their home, however exceptions exist in heritage areas and on main arterial roads. Hard materials such as rocks and paving are not permitted.

Importantly, residents who have modified nature strips before the policy’s adoption and did not obtain a permit must obtain one within 13 months and make any necessary adjustments, to avoid a fine.

For more information, telephone the Council on 9932 1000. Submissions are due on the Friday, 17th September 2010.

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