Feb 062014

Monday saw the opening statements and Council present their case including their expert witness. Cross examining by residents and the developer.

Tuesday saw the residents present their opening statement, cases, and various documents. An important document presented was a 3D model prepared by resident Nik Bebic. This document was a center of discussion for some time.


You can view this residents 3D models using the following links.

Model of developers current proposal. Plus, a modified version showing how a reduced form might look and another with additional reductions in size and scope.

You will need a SketchUp viewer installed on your computer, this page has viewers for Windows and Macintosh computers.

The team for residents presented a professional and detailed case. This team who put in so much preparation and time before and during the VCAT hearing include: Darren Williams, Alison Terry, Melissa Gojak, Nik Bebic, Anne Fowler and Patrick Love. Go team!

Wednesday the developer presented three of their experts discussing traffic, heritage and landscape. They were cross-examined by residents and Council.

Today should be the last day with one more expert representing the developer, all parties right-of-reply, and approval conditions proposed by Council and residents.


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