Oct 222013

Yesterday saw the arrival of advice from the developer’s solicitor that the developer has applied to VCAT. Note the date of the advice was the 18th of October.

After having their plans rejected at Council’s Special Planning Committee on the 5th September, the developer has applied to have their case heard at VCAT and included in the expedited Major Case List.

VCAT scheduled a Practice Hay Hearing – Friday 25th October 10:00am. This hearing is scheduled to resolve any preliminary or procedural issues prior to a final hearing, or to make procedural orders or set out a procedural timetable to facilitate the fair and efficient conduct of the proceeding. Representatives for Objectors will be in attendance.

VCAT also ordered the developer to comply with the following schedule:

  1. Developer to serve Council a copy of their VCAT application no later than the 25th September.
  2. Council to provide developer a list of objectors no later than the 20th September.
  3. Developer to serve Objectors a copy of their VCAT application no later than the 25th September.

As the developer failed to comply with the above ordered dates (due to an administrative error by the developers solicitor) the entire VCAT hearing schedule is questionable.

Representatives for Objectors will raise the non-compliance and schedule issues with VCAT at this Friday’s Practice Day Hearing.

We suggest waiting until after Friday before completing your Statement of Grounds documents. We will advise the outcome of the Practice Day Hearing, key dates, and best next steps.

Currently VCAT scheduled the following:

  • Mediation – Wednesday 13th November 2013 10:00am.
  • Hearing – Commencing Monday 16th December 2013 10:00am (number of days to be determined).

This Friday’s Practice Day Hearing will see the confirmation of these hearing dates and Statement of Grounds submission dates… or otherwise.



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Feb 282013

The developers correspondence recently distributed around the neighbourhood references a website www.6painestreet.com.au

According to the developer’s community consultation team, this is to be a website where the consultation team can report to the community the progress and outcomes of their community consultation process.

When informed of this we were clear to indicate if attempting a transparent process they need to be clear on this website who is running it and its purpose.

Unfortunately, at the moment the website is completely devoid of that information and has a single function to collect email addresses. You should be aware that this website is registered to quite a number of companies and your information is being potentially given to them all… ANILLA INVESTMENTS PTY. LTD. & BUXSTONE PTY LTD & S.K CLARKE & T.R DOHNT & TIMBER YARD PROJECT PTY. LTD. In turn these companies are owned by even more companies/individuals in development and real estate circles.

At the moment, the stated purpose of the website is to contact people when it is operational. Any attempt to use the collected e-mail addresses for any other purpose has not been authorised by you at this time.

Beware of the phishermen!



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Sep 012010

Do you know of the proposal to build…




At the site of the old timber yard, 6 Paine Street Newport.
The proposal is by an out-of-town developer.

You may wish to review the plans and lodge an objection by contacting the council. Or visit the council’s Greenlight system at www.hobsons.vic.gov.au and search for application PA1020902.

Key factors to consider:

  • Three storey buildings plus roof top decking areas.
  • Uncomplimentary design and construction in contrast to Heritage Overlay requirements and unsympathetic  to surrounding building styles.
  • Higher and more massive than anything in the area. Minimal and zero building set-back from the footpaths.
  • Inadequate on-site parking provisions, the developer proposes residents and visitors to park in your street instead, including surrounding the Armstrong Reserve public park.
  • This development presumes to be allowed to not comply with planning and building rules/laws/regulations that all of us have to comply with.
  • As it is already difficult to exit Paine and Wilkins Streets into Melbourne Road during peak hours, it is likely new residents will choose alternate routes via Bunbury St and North Road, increasing traffic in Crawford, Latrobe, Effingham, and Bunbury.


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