Feb 282013

The developers correspondence recently distributed around the neighbourhood references a website www.6painestreet.com.au

According to the developer’s community consultation team, this is to be a website where the consultation team can report to the community the progress and outcomes of their community consultation process.

When informed of this we were clear to indicate if attempting a transparent process they need to be clear on this website who is running it and its purpose.

Unfortunately, at the moment the website is completely devoid of that information and has a single function to collect email addresses. You should be aware that this website is registered to quite a number of companies and your information is being potentially given to them all… ANILLA INVESTMENTS PTY. LTD. & BUXSTONE PTY LTD & S.K CLARKE & T.R DOHNT & TIMBER YARD PROJECT PTY. LTD. In turn these companies are owned by even more companies/individuals in development and real estate circles.

At the moment, the stated purpose of the website is to contact people when it is operational. Any attempt to use the collected e-mail addresses for any other purpose has not been authorised by you at this time.

Beware of the phishermen!



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  1. I won’t be giving them anything.

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