Sep 242012

Hi everyone,

While we wait for a decision from VCAT the fighting team is calculating the expenses of external professionals that were required. Some of these included the town planner and videographer, each of which gave us very good rates and excellent value for the communities money.

Previous fund raising activities and donations have helped cover a lot of these costs, but we have a funding shortfall of $1300 and are looking for further assistance to cover these final bills.

If anyone can assist please hit the Donate button on the right side of this screen, or drop into 2 Crawford St where Monique will happily accept donations and complete the bill paying.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported the fight, and to those who can lend a further hand (hand in pocket that is).

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Sep 132012

After four days of submissions, expert witnesses, cross examinations, and conditions submissions; the hearing has concluded.

Council spent around a day presenting their expert witnesses, and being cross examined by the developer and residents.

A site visit was held on Tuesday morning. Residents representatives spend the rest of Tuesday providing their submission which included slides, DVD, and documents.

The developer’s lawyer spent two day presenting their expert witnesses, and being cross examined by the Council and residents representatives.

Thursday concluded with Council and residents submitting conditions (potentially applicable if the permit is approved), and the developer opposing these requirements where possible.


Melissa, Darren, Alison and Anthony spend the entire duration performing the cross examinations, providing submissions and conditions on behalf of resident objectors.

A few residents dropped in to observe and provide them support.


The VCAT members presiding over the hearing were courteous and provided us with sufficient time for detailed cross examination and provide our submissions in full.


A decision by the VCAT members was not made today and is not expected tomorrow, but will take the members more time to consider. It will not take longer than four weeks as per Major Case List procedure.

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Sep 112012

Today saw the representatives for the objecting residents delivery their submission… which included a slide presentation of many issues; and a DVD highlighting key features of our neighbourhood, residents reactions, how the development will look if built, and how we will feel the impact.

The VCAT tribunal members also conducted an accompanied site inspection this morning. With us, Council and the developer’s representative present.

Tonight we are busily finalising our written submission to be delivered tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow will see the developer’s expert witnesses give their evidence. Council and the resident representatives will cross examine these experts. This is likely to continue through to the end of Thursday.


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Sep 092012

The VCAT hearing on the Timber Yard development starts tomorrow. The develop is hoping to overturn the Councils permit refusal decision.



Council will present their case tomorrow. Calling two expert witnesses.

Representatives on behalf of residents will likely present their case Tuesday.

The developer will likely present their case Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Calling six expert witnesses.


Show your support?

Can you come to the hearing to show your support in front of VCAT? Even for just an hour is beneficial. If you can make it come in and be seated near the resident representatives.


When and where:

VCAT office: 55 King Street Melbourne.
Monday’s part will be held in room 5.1, other days may be in different rooms (to be advised).

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