Sep 132012

After four days of submissions, expert witnesses, cross examinations, and conditions submissions; the hearing has concluded.

Council spent around a day presenting their expert witnesses, and being cross examined by the developer and residents.

A site visit was held on Tuesday morning. Residents representatives spend the rest of Tuesday providing their submission which included slides, DVD, and documents.

The developer’s lawyer spent two day presenting their expert witnesses, and being cross examined by the Council and residents representatives.

Thursday concluded with Council and residents submitting conditions (potentially applicable if the permit is approved), and the developer opposing these requirements where possible.


Melissa, Darren, Alison and Anthony spend the entire duration performing the cross examinations, providing submissions and conditions on behalf of resident objectors.

A few residents dropped in to observe and provide them support.


The VCAT members presiding over the hearing were courteous and provided us with sufficient time for detailed cross examination and provide our submissions in full.


A decision by the VCAT members was not made today and is not expected tomorrow, but will take the members more time to consider. It will not take longer than four weeks as per Major Case List procedure.

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  6 Responses to “VCAT hearing concluded today.”

  1. Hi All,

    Yes really great news. I would also like to thank everyone for their efforts, especially the gang of 4 Melissa, Alison, Darren & Anthony. Without them I fear we would be looking at an overpowering block of flats….

    Lets hope the developer sees reason proposes a QUALITY not quantity development next time.


  2. Well done Melissa, Alison, Darren and Anthony.
    You did so well, I was so impressed with the way you performed.

  3. Dear Melissa, Alison, Darren and Anthony,
    thank you for your extensive efforts with this issue – I really hope it will all go in the right direction after so much work. I am still overseas but will catch up with you in a couple of weeks.

    best wishes,


  4. What a wonderful, strong local community. Thank you to those who represented local residents in the VCAT hearings – I’m sure you did a great job. I must apologise for being unable to come along – parliament was sitting this week so I was tied up there. Let’s hope for a good outcome.

  5. Thank you do much Melissa, Alison, Darren and Anthony for your tireless work for the residents. Let’s hope the VCAT members see how inappropriate this proposed development is for our community!

  6. Thanks guys your efforts are very much appreciated.

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