Sep 242012

Hi everyone,

While we wait for a decision from VCAT the fighting team is calculating the expenses of external professionals that were required. Some of these included the town planner and videographer, each of which gave us very good rates and excellent value for the communities money.

Previous fund raising activities and donations have helped cover a lot of these costs, but we have a funding shortfall of $1300 and are looking for further assistance to cover these final bills.

If anyone can assist please hit the Donate button on the right side of this screen, or drop into 2 Crawford St where Monique will happily accept donations and complete the bill paying.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported the fight, and to those who can lend a further hand (hand in pocket that is).

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  1. I will support your fundraising efforts. Your passion to keep giving us the existing lifestyles we are used to and your pride of living here in Newport is something I won’t forget.

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