Oct 052012

We have just received the decision – VCAT have upheld the Council’s decision to not grant a permit to the applicant.

Further analysis and a summary to follow, but you can read the decision document here…

P27 2012 Raio v Hobsons Bay CC _md 051012

Well done everybody.


Conclusion statement from decision document…



1. The review site provides a good opportunity to introduce a more intense and diverse form of housing into the location.  Given its attributes, the use of the land is appropriate.  However, for the above reasons, we find that in this location, the design fails to respond acceptably to the built form of the heritage protected neighbourhood and we do not consider that the amendments made to the previous proposal are an acceptable response to the previous Tribunal decision.

2. For these reasons, the decision of the Responsible Authority is affirmed.  No permit is granted.

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  9 Responses to “WE WON!!! VCAT does not grant a permit.”

  1. Congratulations to everyone and thanks for all your hard work. A great win for our community.

  2. Congrats, well done and thanks achieving something great for the community. A top job!

  3. What a fantastic result well done! A big thanks to the committee members for protecting our neighborhood

  4. Thanks everyone – it’s a fantastic effort put in by many. Without the support of organisers, letter box droppers, donors, selected MPs, and everyone who objected… we would not have got this far.

  5. Congratulations to the wonderful committee who worked so hard on our behalf. We’re very relieved with the decision!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! Fabulous job – you must be VERY happy!

  7. Congratulations to the hard working and multi-talented team that worked so hard to get this decision for our community. We are very proud of you and that noise you heard when your email was released was the collective sigh of relief from across Newport. Many thanks.
    Don & Anita McKenzie

  8. A huge congratulations to all involved!

  9. Well done guys, you must be very relieved as I am.
    How about a party to celebrate

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