May 042012

Hi Everyone,

The developer requested his VCAT hearing be adjourned so he could submit amended plans which would consider Council’s feedback.

The developers amended plans have arrived. In summary the changes are:

  1. Number of apartments reduced from 43 to 42.
  2. Overall height adjusted, now 0.8m lower. Car park is now called ‘semi-basement’ car park as it has been lowered into the ground by 0.8m.
  3. Increased set-backs all-round (at ground level) by 1m.
  4. Change of central building deleting forth floor.
  5. Cantilevered level one and some shear three storey walls still seem to be a ‘feature’.
  6. Undulating fences along perimeter changed to straight form and the introduction of security gates on all street accessible entrances.
  7. Some other minor fluffing about with bike racks and things.

Needless to say, it’s fundamentally the same development.

A copy of the amended plans will be loaded online shortly for everyone to view.

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