May 192012

Hi Everyone,

As you know the developer received an VCAT adjournment to submit amended plans to ‘consider Council’s feedback’. Here are copies of the developers letter and amended plans. And below a summary of the changes.

Please review.

Amended Plans – Cover Letter

Amended Plans – Elevations

Amended Plans – Plans

Amended Plans – Shadow Plans

Amended Plans – Landscape


Statement of Grounds submissions – do you need to do one?

The developer’s letter mentioned objector’s Statement of Grounds must be submitted by 29th this month. We asked VCAT about this and they explained these SoG are only for additional objections relevant to the amendments, and if any aspects of the amended plans are the same as the previous plans, the original SoG submitted by residents still stand. So unless you think there are additional things in these amendments to object to, you do not have to submit a further SoG.

If there are amendments you do wish to object to you can submit an SoG for relating to those issues, or you you can join in on a joint submission being prepared by the resident objectors team. More information about that will be posted in a few days. If you would like to provide input, please email


Summary of the amended plans below, amendments with potential for further objection are highlighted in red…

  1. Number of apartments reduced from 43 to 42.
  2. Overall height adjusted, now 0.8m lower. Car park is now called ‘semi-basement’ car park as it has been lowered into the ground by 0.8m.
  3. Increased some set-backs (at ground level) by 1m. There are still setbacks of only 2m (sheer three story walls).
  4. Increased some set-backs (at first level). There are still setbacks of only 2m of the cantilevered structure, all along the Armstrong Reserve side.
  5. Change of central building deleting forth floor. Although forth floor (rooftop terraces) remain.
  6. Cantilevered level one and some shear three storey walls still seem to be a ‘feature’.
  7. Previously undulating fences along perimeter now changed to straight form tall fencing.
  8. Introduction of security gates on all street accessible pedestrian entrances reduces visual breaks at ground level.
  9. Introduction of large 5.5m car park garage door on Paine St is visually unattractive and a source of constant noise.
  10. Less neighbourhood integration, more of an isolated ‘gated community’ presence.
  11. Minor fluffing about with bike racks and things.

Fundamentally the same development with little changes that negate most peoples initial objections.


Blank Statement of Grounds form if you need one.

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