Jun 142012

An article regarding the 6 Paine St development has just been published in the Hobsons Bay Weekly.

The article at the Hobsons Bay Weekly website

See your letterbox or this page to join the petition – your participation is appreciated.

Protect Newport petitions Guy over apartment complex plan

13 Jun, 2011 12:00 AM

A PETITION is calling on Planning Minister Matthew Guy to intervene in a controversial development proposed on the former Newport timber yard site.

The petition, launched on Friday by the group called Protect Newport, states that plans to build 42 apartments up to four storeys at 6 Paine Street ” are highly inappropriate and will do nothing to enhance the Newport area”.

At least 360 residents have objected to the proposal by Domain Hill Property Group.

Hobsons Bay Council has twice refused the developer’s plans – in 2010 and last year – and the developer has lodged a second appeal at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The developer’s first proposal for a three-storey, 46-dwelling apartment block was rejected by the council and VCAT.

Residents also said they felt “blackmailed” by the developer’s letter, which indicated that if they did not accept the plans, a four-storey, 136-dwelling social housing complex could be built without council approval. The council denied this was possible.

Protect Newport spokesman Anthony Simmons last Friday joined state Williamstown MP Wade Noonan in launching the petition.

It states that: “The government was elected on a platform of giving more power to councils and we mean it. The Baillieu state government should also support the Hobsons Bay Council’s decision to reject plans to build this high-density multi-storey development in Newport, within
a low-scale, heritage neighbourhood.”

Mr Simmons said: “Newport residents have been fighting this ridiculous over-development for two years now. Yet we are determined to continue fighting and win.

“I can’t believe the arrogance of this developer who thinks his high-density development is appropriate for our neighbourhood, when he is opposed by council’s planners and hundreds of residents who think his plan’s very inappropriate in almost every respect.”

Mr Noonan said he made no apology about getting involved. “This has become a David versus Goliath battle, so I am making no apologies for weighing in to support the community in their opposition,” he said.

“It’s time to restore some balance in our planning system and give greater power back to the local community. I think we’re all sick and tired of seeing ridiculously large developments being built in predominantly low-rise areas.”

The developer and Mr Guy’s office had not responded by the time of going to press.

The petition will be distributed to about 1000 local households


Article by Hobsons Bay Weekly

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Jun 112012

Our local MP Wade Noonan is showing his support and facilitating a petition which he will present to Parliament.

The petition: Draws to the attention of the House (Legislative Assembly) the need for the Government to support Hobsons Bay City Council’s decision to reject a new multi-storey, high density development at Paine Street, Newport. The petitioners request the Legislative Assembly urges the Baillieu Government to support the Hobsons Bay City Council’s decision to reject a proposal to build more than 40 new multi-storey apartments on the old Newport Timberyard site.

Victorian Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, made a ruling on Williamstown’s Woollen Mills site, he said “The Government was elected on a platform of giving more power to councils and we mean it.” We are asking the Government to fulfil it’s election promise.


Your prompt action is needed…

Petition forms: Petition forms are being distributed throughout the neighbourhood. Please complete and deliver the petition form as quickly as possible. Multiple names per form are only counted as one ‘vote’, use one form per person to give us more numbers.

Can’t wait for a form in your letter box?
Need additional forms?
Click here for copies of the petition form.

Delivery: You can seal and post the self addressed and pre-paid form in a Aussie Post box. Or you can drop your completed forms in any of these below letter boxes which will be promptly delivered to Wade Noonan’s office.

Put into the letterboxes of either:          91 Franklin St          4 Paine St           2 Crawford St          4 Bunbury St

Neighbourhood Drop Boxes

When: Your prompt action would be appreciated, so this petition might make the next parliamentary sitting.


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Jun 102012

We have an important mission to achieve this week, to get as many signatures on a petition. More info on the petition to follow.

We need volunteers to undertake a fast paced door knock campaign to collect signatures from the current 360 resident objectors. Followed by a letter drop to all remaining residents in the area to gather additional signatures.

If you can assist, please email info@protectnewport.com


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