Nov 072013
CRITICAL step in the fight at VCAT: Please complete 'grounds' forms THIS WEEK.

SUMMARY Complete forms ASAP –> place in nearest drop box –> we will transmit to all parties.   DETAILS OFF TO VCAT once more. PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN YOUR FORM BY SUNDAY 10TH NOV. The overwhelming number of resident objections and the obvious inappropriateness of scale and design resulted in Council’s Special Planning Committee decision to [READ IN FULL]

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Oct 272013

VCAT Practice Day Hearing Representatives for objectors attended the VCAT practice day (direction) hearing last Friday. Mediation Cancelled Mediation will not happen as it is not likely the developer and all residents will come to an agreement. VCAT Hearing Date As the developer’s lawyer failed to comply with the VCAT order to inform residents of [READ IN FULL]

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Oct 222013

Yesterday saw the arrival of advice from the developer’s solicitor that the developer has applied to VCAT. Note the date of the advice was the 18th of October. After having their plans rejected at Council’s Special Planning Committee on the 5th September, the developer has applied to have their case heard at VCAT and included [READ IN FULL]

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Sep 062013

As it happened. It’s was a packed house! A large group of residents turned up to observe the proceedings. Without this mass showing of support we may have had a completely different outcome. So congratulations everyone for doing your bit and coming out on a rainy evening and giving your support to the speakers. The [READ IN FULL]

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Sep 052013
Special Planning Committee REFUSES permit.

Quick update – tonight at the Special Planning Committee, the Councillors did not support the town planners decision to grant a permit. A permit was refused on numerous grounds. More details to come in the morning. A fantastic effort was put in by all the speakers and an awesome show of support by residents who [READ IN FULL]

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Sep 052013
And you thought your family mattered.

This article regarding the 6 Paine St development has just been published in the Hobsons Bay Weekly. We’re gobsmacked by the developer’s response to the newspaper. See below red text. He has a lack of respect and understanding of individual rights and the objection process. No wonder he fails to understand our opposition to his [READ IN FULL]

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Aug 292013
Special Planning Committee - Action Plan

It is vitally important we have a well organised action plan for next Thursday’s Special Planning Committee. Attendance by Residents It is important as many people attend as possible to demonstrate to the Councilors an approval is not acceptable to this community. Thursday 5 September, 6:00 pm, to be held in the Civic Centre at [READ IN FULL]

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Aug 282013
Council's planners accept development - referred to Special Planning Committee.

VERY DISAPPOINTING NEWS. The Council’s planners have accepted the developer’s latest application for the timber yard, and the planners report is to go to the Council’s Special Planning Committee for consideration. The SPC (Councilors) will see the planners decision upheld or overturned. Our next battle to present residents case at the SPC. Special Planning Committee: [READ IN FULL]

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Aug 222013
Objection update - 325 objections now submitted.

At least 325 objections have now been submitted. Awesome work everyone. Thank you to all residents that have submitted objection, all letterbox droppers, and drop box owners. Now we wait for Council’s planners to make their decision. It should be happening soon.   If you have not objection yet, details of the application and how [READ IN FULL]

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Jul 232013
More objections than ever!

By our calculation, more than 260 objections have been submitted in response to the developer’s third planning application to develop the former timber yard at 6 Paine St Newport. This exceed the 250 objections submitted against the developer’s previous planning application. Despite the developer’s limited attempt to engage the community into accepting their plans, the [READ IN FULL]

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