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Complete forms ASAP –> place in nearest drop box –> we will transmit to all parties.




The overwhelming number of resident objections and the obvious inappropriateness of scale and design resulted in Council’s Special Planning Committee decision to refuse the developer’s application to build this monstrosity in our neighbourhood. Thank you everyone for your decisive action.

But, (and for the third time) the developer is objecting to Council’s refusal and has paid to be on the VCAT Major Case List, which fast-tracks the hearing process to his benefit.

VCAT has scheduled a very fast timeframe for objectors to submit paperwork, so we are under pressure to complete STATEMENT OF GROUNDS forms as quickly as possible.

What does this mean for you?

  1. FORMS: Objectors can oppose the developer and support Council at VCAT by completing a Statement of Grounds (SoG) form. If you did not object originally, you can still participate by completing a SoG form. SoG forms below.
  2. REPRESENTATION: A resident action group is again stepping forward to represent objectors, which will reduce the burden on objectors to be part of the VCAT process. Hearing date still to be scheduled by VCAT.
  3. NO COSTS: There are no VCAT fees for objectors to pay, and no cost orders if the developer wins.
  4. TIME: Going to VCAT will not cost you time if you wish to be represented by the resident action group.

This is what the developer wants to stick in the middle of our neighbourhood …

sil-3Paine St elevations* – two and three storey façade with minimal set-back. Large car park entry.

sil-2Crawford St elevations* – two and three storey façade with minimal set-back. Two sets of storey high stairs.

* You can view the application and plans here.

If you oppose this development (and what it represents and sets precedents for) please support your neighbourhood by completing a SoG as soon as possible, preferably before 10th November.

Below are multiple SoG forms, anybody in the household can complete one – the more the better.

We have also enclosed SoG documents, these contain the most pertinent points and you can use it as a reference for completing the blank SoG form, or submit the pre-completed SoG forms.

VCAT SoG forms must be served on VCAT, Council and the developer by no later than 11th November. You can serve these documents yourself by post or fax; or…

Drop them off at these collection points and the resident action group will copy and serve them on your behalf. Get them to us as quickly as possible. You need to provide one form per objector.

Put into the letterboxes of either:          91 Franklin St          4 Paine St           2 Crawford St          4 Bunbury St

drop boxes 1



Example/pre-completed Statement of Grounds forms. (this can be signed and submitted ‘as is’ if you wish).

Or use,

Blank Statement of Grounds form and Guidelines. (this can be used to write your own SoG content).



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