Aug 282013


The Council’s planners have accepted the developer’s latest application for the timber yard, and the planners report is to go to the Council’s Special Planning Committee for consideration. The SPC (Councilors) will see the planners decision upheld or overturned.

Our next battle to present residents case at the SPC.

Special Planning Committee: 5 September, 6:00 pm, to be held in the Civic Centre at 115 Civic Parade, Altona.

SPC advice.

Planners report / SPC Agenda.

Reading the above report you will be disappointed to see our key concerns have been argued against by our own Council’s planners, putting more emphasis on prior VCAT decisions than residents objections, heritage report, or their own infill-guidelines.

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  4 Responses to “Council’s planners accept development – referred to Special Planning Committee.”

  1. Yes, very disappointed by council which seems to have sided with developer…

  2. I am disgusted with the planners decision and with the comments made by the developer. This whole appeal by the residents has been handled very professionally and ethically. I am proud to be part of this group of families that has strong feelings about where WE LIVE and what WE want near our homes at Newport. Don’t give in guys, we can still win this.

  3. Absolutely disgusted with HBCC planners! This proposal shows little difference from the previous plans to overdevelop the site. The community should be outraged and all objectors should attend the meeting this Thursday (5th Sept) at 6pm to voice your concerns.

  4. U turn by our city planners….hope our elected councillors will now respect the residents attempt to stop avaricious development which in turn poorly affects our neigborhood….a very disappointing and perfidious outcome thus far.

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