May 052013

A fortnight ago thereabouts, residents received a letter summarizing the last workshops and notification of an upcoming workshop for Monday the 6th May.

We have received advice Monday the 6th May workshop has been deferred.

Here is an extract from the developer’s notification…

“You will have received recent advice of a workshop proposed for 6 May at which amended plans for this site were to be presented by RAIO Pty Ltd for further community comment.

I am writing to advise that RAIO Pty Ltd is still in discussions with Hobsons Bay City Council and the Council’s Urban Design Consultants and therefore still in the process of refining the design for the proposed redevelopment.

It has therefore been decided to defer holding next week’s proposed workshop so that RAIO Pty Ltd has the time to consider both Council and community feedback and prepare the revised plans to display. You will receive a copy of the revised plans via direct mail when they become available and also be advised of the revised date for the workshop in the near future.” – Lindy Amos (Collective Possibilities), consultant for the developer.


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