Mar 172013

After our last post,where the BIG ISSUES survey was uploaded for the benefit of people who cannot make it to the developer’s workshop, people have asked if they can complete the survey even if they are going to the workshops.

Sure you can.

In fact, the more people who complete the survey, the better the developer will understand what should be in scope at the workshops.

Please take a moment to complete this survey.

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  4 Responses to “More info… Residents Survey – THE BIG ISSUES”

  1. Why has the developer attempted to beat the system? Why has Hobsons Bay Town Planning allowed it to get this far? The proposed height is well above the residential zone requirement. This is a large site and the attempt to use up 73% of it with buildings instead of 60% is absurd. I was not aware that the development would encroach on the adjacent parkland, involving the removal of trees and relocation of playground equipment. The onsite car parking is appears inadequate. The bulk of development (overheight / over plot ratio) needs to be strongly contested. It simply does not fit in with the heritage overlay and surrounding properties. The proposed developmennt is more suited to a main road / semi commercial location – not a quiet hreritage residential area. As a point of interest the developers drawings (streetscape) do not accurately depict the bulk of the development. This is a ground, plus two storey, plus roof garden development – that makes at least three levels plus by my reckoning not the two and a half the developer wants us t believe. How about we all submit plans to add two and a bit storeys to a single storey residential home in Newport? Fat chance I guess.

  2. Here are a selection of comments by survey participants…

    -> Hope we are not unwittingly strengthening some future legal argument that the developer may argue in future by taking part in these forums. I don’t know. Thanks for your work on this issue.

    -> The area is way too overpopulated as it is.

    -> We have to live with the consequences

    -> Extra trees & shades over park to provide shelter & privacy from development is essential to continue the use of the space as a community resource for our kids

    -> We are concerned at the inappropriate size and design of the development. It is an obvious over development of the site.

    -> Essentially the same as the last two proposals. Totally out of context.

    -> I am totally against the plans to build these dwellings as they are stated.

    -> The whole development is So wrong for the space and environs

    -> Not near the development but we have deep concerns re this type of development both at Paine Street and other streets. There seems to be a total disregard for the community as a whole and the streets are not suitable for large developments and the roads

    -> I am appalled at the way the develop has treated and continues to treat residents. He continues to treat us as if we are serfs in his kingdom.

    -> I am concerned that the developer is merely “ticking the box” by engaging an external consultant to undertake the public consultation with the risk that residents’ concerns are not being adequately listened to and addressed in any of his submissions and re-submission to Council and VCAT.

    -> Plans continue to be too large for the site. It does not fit with the neighbourhood character.

    -> Living and traffic chaos.

    -> After attending a community consultation gathering it would appear that very little is negotiable as far as the developer is concerned. I was amazed at the estimated price of a 3 bedroom unit as $1 million. I would be looking for better sites to spend $.

  3. Although the developer has tried to improve the looks of the dwellings, he has gone out of his way to make sure that he can still put 43 apartments on site to increase its dollar value

  4. Many thanks to Anthony, Darren, Melissa and Alison for the marvellous way they have represented residents’ interests.

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