Jan 162013

Although not officially advertised for objections, the Timber Yard developer’s latest application is now available for viewing.

It seems he is failing to listen to VCAT and residents, and has submitted fundamentally-the-same application again. He has completely missed the opportunity to submit a different proposal that will integrate into our neighbourhood (and it’s character) without dominating it.


Resident consultation farce.

The developer is requesting Council to… “conduct a consultative meeting with residents as discussed which could be in the form of an information evening either prior to, during, or after the formal advertising period.”

Council are considering the developer’s request.

It is clear by the developer’s indifference of the timing of any consultative meeting, he is not really interested in in incorporating residents’ feedback into his design.

Why Déjà vu? The previous two consultative efforts resulted in the developer suspending meetings, not incorporating resident feedback and submitting his plans anyway.


What’s the new design like?


  • Still a massive dominating development, incongruous with the neighbourhood and neighbourhood character.
  • 43 dwellings (8 x 1BR, 32 x 2BR, 3 x 3BR) in a single building mass occupying the majority of the site. Dwelling density increased by an additional unit since the last application.
  • Predominately three stories around the perimeter with some two stories on corners. Fourth story central tower comprising rooftop private open space and enclosed (ugly) stairwells.
  • Dominating third level cantilevered forward. Pitched roofs added, but framed and blocky facade. Predominately concrete construction with brick and masonry cladding.
  • Many units overlooking Armstrong Reserve and children’s playground. Absolute minimal private open space for residents. Resident car parking via car stacker systems.

Why Déjà vu? There has been no attempt to reduce the dominance, density, and incongruous design.


View from Paint and Crawford Street intersection.


Paine St elevation.

Crawford St elevation.

What happens now?

We wait to see what Council will do with the developer’s request; and for the advertising period to start so residents can object as necessary.


The Application.

The developer’s application PA1226036 is now on Greenlight, with a copy of the documents below.

Covering Letter
Document register
Town Planning Submission
Plan Cover Sheet
Ground Floor Plans
First Floor Plan
Second floor plan
Roof Plan
Elevations Plan
Sections Plan
Sections and elevations
Key Plan
Traffic Report
Waste Management Plan
Streetscape Plan
Shadow Diagrams


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  One Response to “Déjà vu.”

  1. It looks like the developer’s ongoing strategy is to keep re-submitting essentially the same plans. I suspect he’s hoping that we will get bored and give up fighting his efforts, or VCAT will get bored of dealing with him and then assume because he’s not going away, the only way to get rid of him is to relent. So it’s important to be aware of his strategy. It’s also probably no coincidence that he’s filed the latest set of plans over the holiday period, while people are still away … he’s probably hoping that it will get through under the radar by stealth, while people are still away on holidays.

    However, the thing is, by his dilly dallying tactics, he’s just going to get poorer and poorer having to pay the mortgage repayments on the block of land. That’s tying up a large amount of his capital for a long time isn’t it.

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