Dec 212012

After a meeting with the timber yard developer, we were expecting a response about ideas put forward on behalf of residents to resolve current issues. This was expected to happen prior to the developer making the permit application to Council.

The developer has decided to make the planning application to Council first, then undertake Council and community consultation process.

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Dec 182012

The developer contacted an objector representative to discussion the issues of the Timber Yard development and try to come up with a design that may be acceptable to the community, Council and VCAT.

Progress update:

  1. Representatives for objectors had discussions with the developer where issues with the previously rejected design were considered. Amongst other things, examples of more acceptable developments and styles were presented to the developer.
  2. The developer came back with draft amended design, which although had some improvements with gaps and roof lines, did not satisfy residents primary concerns of bulk, height, form and materials.
  3. A further meeting took place where the improvements and failings were discussed and residents proposed a design that (as a minimum) may be more acceptable to the community.
  4. The developer is considering this and will come back to us shortly.
  5. If a suitably responsive re-design is returned by the developer, this will be the subject of a residents meeting; to review the proposal and provide a public acceptance position back to the developer.

Hopefully this process will result in a re-design that deals with community, Council and VCAT concerns; and enables the site to be developed in a way acceptable to all parties.


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