Jul 182012
Colleen Hartland MLC(Member of the Legislative Council) has responded to our situation with a letter to Matthew Guy, highlighting her discussions with residents about the negative impact of the timber yard development on both neighbourhood character and amenity of Armstrong Reserve. Thanks Colleen.Here is a PDF copy of Colleen’s letter to the Planning Minister. Below is a scan of her letter.

Now is the time for residents to write or email the Planning Minister Minister Guy seeking his support to uphold Council’s refusal to grant this development a permit.

You may wish to include:

  • Mention the address (6 Paine St Newport) and the type of development being proposed. A single structure of 3 and 4 stories covering half a block, taller and more massive than anything in the area. Totally out of scale and character to everything else surrounding it.
  • Mention aspects of the immediate area and park that make this neighbourhood great, and how they will be impacted by this size and style of development. You might mention how disconcerting it is to have these apartments overlook the park and children’s playground.
  • Tell the Minister how the plans for this development have remained essentially unchanged in design, mass and density, despite being rejected by Council twice and VCAT once. Yet Council and residents are required to fund and fight the case in VCAT all over again.
  • Mention something personal, how long you have lived here, if you children use the park, the style of house you live in or surrounding the site. The neighbourhood character that is appreciated and important to retain in this area.
  • Ask the Minister to support the Hobsons Bay Council’s decision to refuse a permit for this development.

Email to the Planning Minister’s at matthew.guy@parliament.vic.gov.au

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