Jan 232012
Councils Report

Please find below Hobsons Bay Council’s town planner’s report stating their grounds for refusing the developers application.

The Good: Council seem to be clear on why the design and scale of this building is not appropriate for our neighbourhood and the Timber Yard site. Largely reiterating their in-fill guidelines and highlighting how detrimental it is to our existing neighbourhood character.

Not so good: Unfortunately Council don’t support our concerns regarding the difficulties current residents face parking in the surrounding area, and the adverse impact this development would have.

The Bad: The developer having seen this report still feels justified in their design proposal to peruse it, and is challenging Councils decision at VCAT.

Please read this report and if you feel you can contribute feedback to us, to help Council uphold their refusal, email us at info@protectnewport.com

Click below image to read report in full (PDF).

Councils Report

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  2 Responses to “Read Council’s report – refusing developers application.”

  1. Have a look at this post https://www.protectnewport.com/2012/01/24/critical-step-in-the-fight-at-vcat-please-complete-grounds-forms-asap/

    Part way down the page Under Statement of Grounds (forms to use) are blank and pre-completed forms you can use.

    You can send them into VCAT, Council and the developers solicitor (Best Hopper) or put your completed form into one of the neighbourhood drop boxes (details on the same page) and we will take care of copying and transmitting them to all parties on your behalf.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Where do I get the statement of grounds from and is there a standard respose?

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