Jul 222011

The developer has been working on revised plans for the Timber Yard Site, and a small number of resident representatives had the opportunity to view draft plans and provide feedback.

They are not complete and we do not yet have a copy, but this is a summary of the draft plans as they currently stand:

43 units, three stories high, with centre tower 4 stories high.

  • Mostly two bedroom dwellings, then one bedroom dwellings, and one three bedroom dwelling.
  • Average building set-back from boundary increased by half a metre.
  • Driveway moved to Paine St.
  • Each side of the development has units facing the street.
  • Stairways set back further from boundry.
  • Buildings no longer black, colours lightened with varied materials.
  • An attempt to make the units look like individual homes.
  • Parking at ground level, car stackers still employed. 5 visitor parks on-site.


  • The developer is attempting to comply with VCAT recommendations; and consider visual improvements.
  • Building size and occupant/vehicle/traffic density remains essentially the same.
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  2 Responses to “Revised (draft) Plans by Developer”

  1. Hoping they do make the property visually improved. I don’t know about using car stackers because their residents probably won’t use them until late at night, which means more cars located around local streets.

  2. 43 units is still way too many! Is he willing to negotiate with residents prior to submitting the plans to council?

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