Jul 222011

The developer has been working on revised plans for the Timber Yard Site, and a small number of resident representatives had the opportunity to view draft plans and provide feedback.

They are not complete and we do not yet have a copy, but this is a summary of the draft plans as they currently stand:

43 units, three stories high, with centre tower 4 stories high.

  • Mostly two bedroom dwellings, then one bedroom dwellings, and one three bedroom dwelling.
  • Average building set-back from boundary increased by half a metre.
  • Driveway moved to Paine St.
  • Each side of the development has units facing the street.
  • Stairways set back further from boundry.
  • Buildings no longer black, colours lightened with varied materials.
  • An attempt to make the units look like individual homes.
  • Parking at ground level, car stackers still employed. 5 visitor parks on-site.


  • The developer is attempting to comply with VCAT recommendations; and consider visual improvements.
  • Building size and occupant/vehicle/traffic density remains essentially the same.
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