Jan 182011

Today is VCAT mediation day, where the Applicant (developer), Council, and Objectors present in front of VCAT to see if there can be a mutually satisfactory resolution and avoid the formal hearing.

Objectors are being represented by a single speaker (although individual objectors who wish to represent themselves can do so) and the selected speaker will submit the required paperwork on behalf of the group of  objectors.

Objectors may wish to be at mediation and observe the proceedings… in fact your presence will add weight to our case. So come along if you can make it.

VCAT, 55 King St Melbourne, 18th January at 2:15pm, expected to take 180 minutes.

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  5 Responses to “Today is VCAT Mediation Day”

  1. Ditto – hoping all goes well and congratulations on the fantastic work you’ve done thus far and for great preparation.

  2. All the best with the mediation today.

  3. All the very best of luck with your fight – keeping the fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

  4. I hope the mediation session goes well.

  5. Goodluck today

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