Jan 062011

Hobsons Bay Leader has written anther article, this time about the resident sentiment about the proposed development. Below is the text in full…

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It's lucky the trees from the park are there.

One of the four blocks of flats from which occupants look directly over the public park and kids playground.

A NEW residents group has vowed to fight a “hideous” 46-apartment development in Newport that it claims will clog surrounding streets.

The Protect Newport group was formed after 82 objections were received by Hobsons Bay Council to a permit application for the former Newport Timber Yard in Paine St.

As previously reported by the Leader, the development (pictured) would include three-storey apartments, fronting Paine, Crawford and Latrobe streets and Armstrong Reserve. Much of the surrounding area is filled by inter-war and Edwardian homes.

Anthony Simmons, who started the website protectnewport.com, said residents were concerned about traffic congestion and the apartment’s design. “One aspect is the style,” Mr Simmons said.

“People are knocked out by how hideous it is or how it doesn’t fit in the area.

“The density is also really bothering people. The fact is these are a blocks of flats.”

The council knocked back the developer’s proposal, citing eight different reasons why it wouldn’t be appropriate.

Among these, according to the refusal notice, were: “the proposal will adversely affect the amenity of the area by way of overflow car parking in surrounding streets” and “the proposal is not consistent with heritage policies”.

But the matter will now be decided at planning tribunal VCAT after the proponent appealed the council’s ruling.

Proponent Peter Cahill, of Domain Hill Property, was overseas last week and unavailable for comment.

In August Mr Cahill told the Leader that the design was “architecturally striking” and “deliberately very contemporary and iconic”.

Mr Cahill said there would be high demand to live in the new development.

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Jan 062011


Objectors that submitted their Statement of Grounds form to VCAT will by now have received from VCAT a Notice of Mediation and accompanying form. This form titled Opening Statement at a Mediation is to be completed by speakers and submitted to VCAT on the day of mediation.

This is what NOT to do with it:

  1. DO NOT sent a copy of it to the developer or their solicitor.
  2. DO NOT send a copy of it to Council.

IMPORTANT: Because of the large number objectors, VCAT ordered objectors to send a limited number of representatives to Mediation and the Final Hearing. The resident action group has undertaken a process of nominating and selecting representatives on behalf of objectors. If you wish to take advantage of these representatives you SHOULD NOT submit the Opening Statement at a Mediation form to VCAT, instead contact a representative spokesperson via this site by emailing info@protectnewport.com. The representatives will submit the necessary forms on behalf of the objectors they are representing at mediation.

If you wish to represent yourself, then present your Opening Statement at a Mediation form on the day of mediation. It would be appreciated if you are going to self-represent you contact info@protectnewport.com so we can coordinate arguments and avoid gaps or overlap.


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