Jan 062011


Objectors that submitted their Statement of Grounds form to VCAT will by now have received from VCAT a Notice of Mediation and accompanying form. This form titled Opening Statement at a Mediation is to be completed by speakers and submitted to VCAT on the day of mediation.

This is what NOT to do with it:

  1. DO NOT sent a copy of it to the developer or their solicitor.
  2. DO NOT send a copy of it to Council.

IMPORTANT: Because of the large number objectors, VCAT ordered objectors to send a limited number of representatives to Mediation and the Final Hearing. The resident action group has undertaken a process of nominating and selecting representatives on behalf of objectors. If you wish to take advantage of these representatives you SHOULD NOT submit the Opening Statement at a Mediation form to VCAT, instead contact a representative spokesperson via this site by emailing info@protectnewport.com. The representatives will submit the necessary forms on behalf of the objectors they are representing at mediation.

If you wish to represent yourself, then present your Opening Statement at a Mediation form on the day of mediation. It would be appreciated if you are going to self-represent you contact info@protectnewport.com so we can coordinate arguments and avoid gaps or overlap.


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