Dec 082010

The Hobson’s Bay Council recently sent out letters to objectors notifying them of the Council’s refusal of the developers proposal. The cover letter reads as follows…

Planning Permit Application No. PA1020902
6 Paine St, Newport VIC 3015
Construct four three-storey buildings comprising 46 dwellings and a reduction in on-site car parking.

After careful consideration of this application and of all objections received, it has been decided to refuse the application on the grounds listed in the enclosed Notice of Refusal to Grant a permit.

The applicant now has a right to appeal against this decision to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). If an appeal is lodged, you will be advised by VCAT and will have a further opportunity to speak against the proposal.

Should you have any questions regarding this refusal please contact me on 03 9932 1157.

Yours faithfully
Mark Tenner
Team Leader Town Planning

Here is a copy of the refusal: Councils Refusal to Grant a Permit

This is as expected/hoped, and also as expected the developer will apply to VCAT on some grounds. You will read in the next post, that the developer has already applied to VCAT. More details of that shortly.

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