Dec 172010


As mentioned earlier the developer is appealing against Councils refusal decision and hope VCAT will approve their proposal via mediation or judgement.

As far as VCAT is concerned objectors have the right to be heard and/or represented at the VCAT hearings, but objectors must complete a Form B. STATEMENT OF GROUNDS and serve it to VCAT, the Council, and the Developer before next Thursday the 23rd December.

Only six Statement of Grounds have been served so far, and unless the rest of the objectors get theirs completed, objectors will have little say in what happens at VCAT.

Fellow objectors are available to assist you complete the forms and get them served. If you have not yet been contacted and offered assistance, email and someone will come and help.

Also, objector representatives are volunteering to attend the VCAT hearings on behalf of the many who cannot show up personally, so you don’t need to show up yourself, but you must serve a Statement of Grounds form to be involved in any way whatsoever.

It cannot be emphasised more strongly how important that these forms are completed and served in order to be heard at VCAT.

Blank copy of Form B Submission of Grounds:
VCAT Form B Statement of Grounds and VCAT Form A Information

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