Dec 102013

VCAT hearing.

The timber yard development VCAT hearing is scheduled to commence 3rd February 2014. Case reference number P2101/2013.

Will you be updated on VCAT matters?

VCAT have determined objectors will not be notified by VCAT themselves of any VCAT matters unless they nominated themselves to speak at the hearing. However Protect Neport group will be notified by VCAT and we will endeavour to keep everyone informed of any notices or orders coming from VCAT.

The developers solicitor (Best Hooper) still has to notify all objectors of changes to their application, amended plans, etc. These all objectors should receive via mail.

Amended plans.

Developer has again submitted amended plans. Lots of minor changes – no major changes we can see. Still under review and a copy of the amended plans will be posted on this website as soon as we receive them.

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