Mar 072012

What a fantastic turn out for last Sundays rally in Armstrong Reserve. Thanks to all those who attended, especially considering the spontaneous planning of the rally the rather short notice given to Neighbours and invited guests.

More than 100 residents turned out to express growing concern over Victorian planning and arbitration systems, and take action to let government know real change is needed to these systems, change which is acceptable to the community… not in conflict with community wishes.

A speech was given by Darren Williams, a long time resident of the community and a significant player in the establishment of The Substation community arts centre. Darren’s speech was met with applause from the crowd.

Of the guests invited to hear what residents have to say, attending were MPs Colleen Hartland and Wade Noonan. When invited to comment, both expressed support for the community to fight this inappropriate development.

Afterwards much of the crowd spent time talking about similar issues with the planning process and discussing experiences with VCAT and other inappropriate developments in Newport and Williamstown.

Many residents pledged financial support to help fight the current Timber Yard issue at VCAT. Our fighting fund is growing. More on that later.

Information was distributed: on which authorities to write to requesting immediate change to the planning system in line with community expectations.

Thanks again everyone for a great show of strength and determination.



An article about the rally was published in today’s Hobsons Bay Weekly…

Newport high-rise protest puts planning control in focus.


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  1. Pleased to hear your rally was a success. Unfortunately my husband and I could not attend as we had a prior engagement in rural Victoria.

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