Feb 292012

Save our town from bad planning policies - we need you.

Let’s show the government and opposition we’re sick of current planning and arbitration policy that only benefits big developers’ profit margins.

An open invitation to hear us has been sent to Premier Ted Baillieu, Planning Minister Matthew Guy, local Members of Parliament, Hobson’s Bay Mayor, Councillors, and the press.

This may be our last chance to tell them these policies needs to favour the community first over developers and government.

So we need everyone available to come.

Bring as many family, friends, and neighbours to Armstrong Reserve (Wilkins St) Newport, Sunday 4th March at 4pm sharp.
The rally will only take a ½ hour, but being assembled at 4pm is critical.

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  3 Responses to “PUBLIC RALLY this Sunday – WE NEED YOU!!”

  1. I’ll certainly be attending this Sunday. As a former councillor for Newport (1996 – 2004) and present member of the City of Hobsons Bay Urban Planning Development Advisory Group l am keen to hear first hand, community concerns with respect to the timberyard development as well as preserving local amenity in other areas of Newport.

    Brad Matheson.

  2. Hi there,
    I fully support your efforts, and sympathise, however I cannot attend as I am working this weekend.
    All the best to you though,
    Regards, Jackie

  3. Hi everyone,

    An open invitation was sent to our local Members of Parliament, Planning Minister Matthew Guy, Premier Ted Baillieu, Hobson’s Bay Mayor and Councillors. Additionally, the press are being directed to this post.

    For your information below is a copy of the text…..

    To _______,

    This Sunday 4th March at 4pm in Armstrong Reserve (Wilkins St) Newport, local residents will be holding a public rally in anticipation you, and other local and state government representatives will attend. The community has a message they wish to deliver.

    Residents have reached the limit of their patience waiting for government to overhaul the current town planning and arbitration system. It needs to favour communities over developers and government.

    We will walk you and other attendees through a short list of proposed changes to the planning and arbitration systems. Your presence would be appreciated and not be required for very long.

    I understand this invitation is at short notice but local events have exacerbated issues and we have very limited time with which to fight some very serious planning system disasters. For example: VCAT Major Case List P27/2012 which received 350 objections and Statement of Grounds submissions, back at VCAT again after three prior rejections by Council and tribunal.

    Also invited are local Members of Parliament, Planning Minister Matthew Guy, Premier Ted Baillieu, Hobson’s Bay Mayor and Councillors, and the press.

    Hope to see you there.

    Yours faithfully,
    Anthony Simmons

    (Local resident and convener of rally on behalf of Newport and Williamstown residents.)

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