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Submission are due in by Friday 17th September 2010.

We are not sure if there is a convenient online mechanism for community submissions to be lodged with the council. Does anyone have an answer to this question?

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  One Response to “Nature Strip Planting Policy Submissions”

  1. You can download a feedback form from the Council website, or email the Council’s Landscape Architect consultant

    I think the draft policy should be rejected. Those residents who took the initiative and made something better out of an ugly nature strip by planting it or paving it (presumably at their own cost, ie plants, materials and labour) should be congratulated and not penalised by having to pay for a permit or be fined. Additionally, a proposal to retrospectively require people to apply and pay for a permit must surely be illegal.

    Quite honestly I think it is the Council which should be paying the residents for their efforts in beautifying what was an ugly patch of roadside.

    Under the proposed policy it would appear that even sowing some extra grass seed (which most of them badly need) onto the nature strip would require a permit. This seems to just be a case of revenue raising.

    I think the policy should be completely rejected as:

    1. penalising residents who cleaned up or will clean up what was essentially a Council created mess and
    2. encouraging nature strips just to be left to run wild and untended, detracting from the general neighbourhood.

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