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You may wish to review the plans and lodge an objection by contacting the council. Or visit the council’s Greenlight system at and search for application PA1020902.

Click here to review plans and submit an objection.
Plans at are the top of the page and submitting objections are done online at the bottom of the page.

This proposal is currently with council for approval, and objections must be lodged very soon to be considered. You can object on the basis of how the development will affect you

Key factors to consider:

  • Three storey buildings plus roof top decking areas.
  • Uncomplimentary design and construction in contrast to Heritage Overlay requirements and unsympathetic  to surrounding building styles.
  • Higher and more massive than anything in the area. Minimal and zero building set-back from the footpaths.
  • Inadequate on-site parking provisions, the developer proposes residents and visitors to park in your street instead, including surrounding the Armstrong Reserve public park.
  • This development presumes to be allowed to not comply with planning and building rules/laws/regulations that all of us have to comply with.
  • As it is already difficult to exit Paine and Wilkins Streets into Melbourne Road during peak hours, it is likely new residents will choose alternate routes via Bunbury St and North Road, increasing traffic in Crawford, Latrobe, Effingham, and Bunbury.
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  2 Responses to “Objecting to this development”

  1. uncomplimentary design in contrast to heritage overlay requirements
    inadequate on site parking
    increased traffic congestion

  2. According to the council, they have more than 50 objections to this development submitted to date.

    So there is clearly community consensus to how unsuitable this development really is.

    But don’t stop there, if you feel you need to object to this development proposal, get in before the cut-off date, which could be as soon as Monday 6th September, or if council continue to accept objections up until their review is completed, there may be another fortnight for submissions.

    But err on the side of caution and submit objections as quickly as possible.

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