Jul 042013
TIME TO OBJECT... again.

Former Newport Timber Yard (6 Paine St) Development Massive 43 unit development, 3 and 4 stories high. Having twice been rejected by Council and VCAT, the developer has made yet another application to council to develop this site. In response to the last VCAT hearing, the developer has made a small attempt to integrate with [READ IN FULL]

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Jun 262013
Developer continues with application number 3.

It’s back on. After suspending their latest development application to undertake community consultation, the developer has chosen to ignore the community’s major areas of concern and has resumed proceeding through Council’s planning permit approval process. You can find the application documents on Council’s GreenLight planning system here – Application number PA1226036.   Resident consultation farce. [READ IN FULL]

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Jun 042013
Outcome of the community consultation process - no surprises.

After a community consultation process, the developer is in the final stages of preparing amended plans for submission to Council. In Protect Newport’s view, the plans HAVE NOT to any significant degree addressed the community’s major concerns of height, bulk, density, neighbourhood character, setbacks, parking and traffic. In summary… there are still 43 dwellings, three [READ IN FULL]

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May 052013

A fortnight ago thereabouts, residents received a letter summarizing the last workshops and notification of an upcoming workshop for Monday the 6th May. We have received advice Monday the 6th May workshop has been deferred. Here is an extract from the developer’s notification… “You will have received recent advice of a workshop proposed for 6 [READ IN FULL]

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Mar 172013

After our last post,where the BIG ISSUES survey was uploaded for the benefit of people who cannot make it to the developer’s workshop, people have asked if they can complete the survey even if they are going to the workshops. Sure you can. In fact, the more people who complete the survey, the better the [READ IN FULL]

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Mar 152013

Following the developer’s recent ‘drop-ins’, you may have received a letter from them inviting you to attend a workshop. Here is a copy. Each workshop is limited to 32 places, in case you cannot secure a place or make the workshops, we want to be in a position to provide your views to the facilitators [READ IN FULL]

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Mar 142013
Hobsons Bay Weekly article: Newport developer stays the course.

An article regarding the 6 Paine St development has just been published in the Hobsons Bay Weekly. Article below by Hobsons Bay Weekly.. or go to the article at the Hobsons Bay Weekly website. Artist’s impression: A Crawford/Paine St perspective of the latest 3 storey (or is it 4 storey) proposal. Newport developer stays the [READ IN FULL]

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Feb 282013
Lure to little phishes.

The developers correspondence recently distributed around the neighbourhood references a website www.6painestreet.com.au According to the developer’s community consultation team, this is to be a website where the consultation team can report to the community the progress and outcomes of their community consultation process. When informed of this we were clear to indicate if attempting a [READ IN FULL]

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Feb 272013

Correspondence from the developer. By now you will have received at least two pieces of correspondence from the developer of 6 Paine St, and possibly had his representatives knock on your door to seek your feedback on the development and their upcoming community consultation process. If you have not seen these pieces of correspondence here [READ IN FULL]

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